Hal Crook with Simon Rentner on WBGO Jazz 88.3


June 5, 2018 - The entire second set of the amazing Set Me Free concert with the pop band Behind These Eyes is now available.

May 28, 2018 - Listen to the entire first set of SET ME FREE featuring Esperanza Spalding (vocals, bass), Antonio Sanchez (drums), Lionel Loueke (guitar), Chris Cheek (sax), Leo Genovese (piano) and Hal (trom-o-tizer).

February 5, 2018 - New Site Design and AUTHOR Page!

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See the Hal Crook Set Me Free concert video.

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"Those who can, do. Those who believe others can also, teach."
John E. King

PRIVATE and GROUP LESSONS (Noteable former students are listed below.)

Hal gives private and group lessons year round at his teaching studio located at 17 Dunham St., Attleboro, MA 02703—a one-minute walk from the MBTA Commuter Rail train station (approximately 45 minutes south of Boston, or 15 minutes north of Providence).

Lessons are offered on all musical instruments and voice. Musical subjects taught include: jazz improvisation, comping (accompanying solos), music theory, harmony, transcription and analysis, composition, arranging, ear training, repertoire, ensemble performance, sight-reading, instrumental technique, and practice methods.

Amps, drums/cymbals, and keyboard are provided at the studio. Students must bring their own audio recording equipment, instrument cables, etc.

Each single lesson is one college hour (50 minutes), beginning at 10 minutes past the hour (or half hour). Double lessons (100 minutes) are scheduled upon request.


Lesson fees are available on request. See below for contact information.


I am currently scheduling music lessons on WEDNESDAYS and THURSDAYS only. Berklee students and faculty should check the school calendar for holiday dates.

If you are interested in lessons, please see the daily lesson times and train schedules below and e-mail me the dates and times you would prefer at: hcrook@berklee.edu. Include ALTERNATE dates/times if possible, and your PHONE number. 


1. 10:40 am lesson—train departs Back Bay (Boston) @ 9:40 am, returns @ 11:29

2. 11:40 am lesson—10:30 am train, returns 1:21

3. 12:40 pm lesson—11:30 am train, returns 2:16

4. 1:40 pm lesson—11:30 pm train, returns 3:21

5. 3:10 pm lesson—1:48 pm train, returns 4:30

6. 4:10 pm lesson—2:35 pm train, returns 5:39

7. 5:10 pm lesson—4:00 pm train, returns 6:19

8. 6:10 pm lesson—5:00 pm train, returns 7:44

9. 7:10 pm lesson—6:15 pm train, returns 8:34


If a student cancels a private or group lesson, (s)he must provide a substitute to take the lesson or (s)he must pay the full lesson price. All subs pay the fee of a single lesson. The student is responsible for full payment if the sub does not pay or show up. Lesson prices for a student who subs out a lesson will be adjusted to meet the standard fee schedule. Full lesson price is charged for missed lessons. Cancelled or missed lessons cannot be re-scheduled because my teaching schedule is usually full.


Students living out of the country or the immediate area may be required to pay a deposit of half the total cost of all lessons booked at the time of scheduling. Payment should be sent in my formal name (Harold E Crook, III) via bank money order through Western Union to the Western Union office in the STOP and SHOP store at 91 Point Judith Road, Narragansett, RI 02882.

Students are responsible to arrive on time for lessons. When driving, please check traffic conditions in advance. On-street parking is available across the street from the studio. WHEN TAKING THE TRAIN, CHECK ON LINE REGULARLY FOR CHANGES IN MBTA TRAIN SCHEDULE, ESPECIALLY ON HOLIDAYS AND BAD WEATHER.

Students arriving early or leaving on a later train can wait in the studio, or in the pizza shop on the corner (open 11:30 am—10:00 pm), or at the train station.


By car from Boston, Rt. 495 and points North (50 minutes in good traffic, check conditions):

Take Rt. 128/95 South or Rt. 93 South.  Then take Rt. 95 South (20 minutes).  Take Exit 5 (Rt. 152, Attleboro).  Go left at end of exit ramp.  Go right at traffic light on Rt. 152 South (North Main St.).  Go through 2 traffic lights.  Continue straight for 1 block.  Take 1st left on Mill St. (after Sun Chronicle building on left).  Go 1 block.  Take 1st left on Union St., then take immediate right on Dunham St. to #17 on right side.  Park on left.

By car from Providence, Rt. 295 and points South (check traffic conditions):

Take Rt. 95 North into Mass. to Exit 5 (Rt. 152, Attleboro).  Go left at end of exit ramp.  Go right at traffic light on Rt. 152 South (North Main St.).  Go through 2 traffic lights.  Continue straight for 1 block.  Take 1st left on Mill St. (after Sun Chronicle building on left).  Go 1 block.  Take 1st left on Union St., then take immediate right on Dunham St. to #17 on right side.  Park on opposite side of street.

By commuter rail train from Back Bay Station, Dartmouth St., Boston (50 minutes):

To Back Bay Station: Take Green line to Copley Station. Exit to Dartmouth St. Go right on Dartmouth for 3 blocks to train station on left. Purchase round-trip ticket to Attleboro. Note: Depart train at Attleboro (one stop after Mansfield, but before South Attleboro).

From Attleboro Station (Out-Bound side):  Walk out of parking lot, go North (left) on South Main St. (Rt. 152). Take 1st right on Mill St. Go 1 block. Take 1st left on Union St. Take immediate right on Dunham St. to #17 on right side (3-minute walk). Wait inside studio, or at pizza shop on corner, or at train station.

From Attleboro Station (In-Bound side): Walk out of parking lot, cross Union St.  Go left on Union St. Take immediate right on Dunham St. to #17 on right side (2-minute walk). Wait inside studio, or at pizza shop on the corner, or at train station.  



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